Canvas introduces you & your clients to your business

In Farda Marketing, first of all, your business will be reviewed and marketing plans will be defined based on your business

What’s your job?

What is your distribution channel?

What are your communication channels?

What is your value proposition?

To define this model, I will explain it with a question


What difference does it make which way you choose to go, when you do not know where you want to go?

Before entering into marketing or advertising, you should be pressured to determine and measure that this can only be done by a Professional.

But completing this table is not so complicated that you can not do it.

Well, to start, we put a high quality .PDF version for you to download, which you can use to download and complete the raw and high quality sample of this canvas using the link below

After downloading and viewing the file to complete the various parts

You can contact us and use our free consultation

As mentioned; This business model consists of 9 parts:

  1. Customer section
  2. Suggested value
  3. Distribution channels
  4. communication with clients
  5. Revenue flow
  6. Main activities
  7. Main sources
  8. Key partners
  9. And cost structure

By completing this canvas, you will see your business at a glance

Now you have to think about this issue:

  • Does your value proposition in advertising and marketing reach the stage as it should?
  • Do your distribution channels meet your communication needs?

To answer these questions, you need a business expert to review your business and market

Something in Farda Marketing will happen for you

So please, after completing the canvas and business, let Farda to give you a free consultation in this field.

All you have to do is to register your consultation request by referring to the packages section.