Farda Marketing app is the first social media management app; The purpose of creating an application is to make it easier for you to access your information and manage your ads in media.

Farda application is the way of communication between you and us

Farda Marketing application is the first social network management application!

We have produced Farda Marketing application to communicate with you more easily

The purpose of creating the app was to make your access to information easier and more engaging than a simple collaboration between you and us, which ofcourse was achieved with the help of academy.

In the following description, the services that will be provided to you dear ones in Farda application are mentioned:

  • Academy

    Podcasts, videos and recorded images from workshops and webinars organized by Farda Academy are available in this section.

    From this section, you can participate in the workshops and training sessions, which we are all free of charge

  • analyze

    You have access to the analysis of your business in media at any time you want.

    No need to visit in person and even without the need to check your email inbox

    Analysis and report of your business in Farda’s application is at your disposal

  • Proceedings

    Upon completion of our face-to-face and online meetings between you and our colleagues summaries of the conversations between the parties in writing in the application is loaded that this issue determines the course and direction of our movement in the long run and each set of Farda does the job better.

  • Content chart

    You will be able to do this one by one from the same moment until the end of the solar month. Monitoring what is going to happen in your network and that gives a very appropriate order to the content production and marketing team