The cost of managing an Instagram page depends on the production of content and different items; Tariffs for content production on Instagram, Instagram marketing packages and management of this network can be provided by Farda Marketing Collection

Managing an Instagram page

Let me ask you a question:

Are you just thinking of admin or marketer?

If you are looking for marketing on Instagram, we can help you…

We manage a full-fledged business on Instagram for you

Communication is the first law of social networks

A rule that people rarely pay attention to in order to succeed in this space.

Our effort to create a valuable connection in this space for you.

There are many marketing agencies that work in this field, but:

What is the difference between Farda marketing team and other collections? Why should you pay for the management of your Instagram page?


Farda will analyze your business and define a roadmap accordingly

Farda does not market according to a consistent pattern for all businesses

Farda, do not confuse professional activity on Instagram with being a graphic designer

Farda , it examines the inputs and outputs and decides according to them

Farda will get you what you want, not what you can afford

Farda will be by your side and move you along the whole route

And finally, it will offer its specialized services…

The purpose of being on Instagram and the cost of managing an Instagram page are divided into three general reasons:

  • Introduction

    If your goal is branding (with the help of visual effects)

    Or if you want to introduce the product to people on Instagram

    Or take a step towards creating a mental image in the mind of your audience

    In this case, Instagram can be a good space for you….

    With the right strategy, you can reach your audience

    And reach to the goal of introducing your brand …

  • Sales

    The same reason Iranians like

    The method in which the product is presented directly

    Turn Instagram into a showcase for direct product introductions

    In this way, the audience is referred to the website

    (Unfortunately, this is rarely observed in Iran)

    And finally, the goal in these collections is direct sales

    If you are looking for such a goal, Instagram can help you

  • Increase loyalty

    You have a digital business

    You achieved your goals with other networks

    And now you are looking to build a deeper relationship with your audience

    Instagram gives you this opportunity by uploading sincere content

    become friends with your audience.

    Or turn your customers into friends with the help of attractive content

    In this case, Instagram can help you

Here are some of the media we were proud to help them shape:

Example of an Instagram page management project

Behroyan Hair and Beauty Skin Clinic

Marketing + Content Production + Definition of Advertising Campaigns

Increase 30 thousand Instagram media contacts (followers)

Significant results are obtained in this video after 6 months

It is an honor for us to help you to increase the efficiency of your Instagram page

But what exactly should happen in the marketing and management of the Instagram page?

There are many things that are important at the expense of managing your Instagram page;

Here are some tips that are important in managing your Instagram page:

  • Definition of a marketing plan (a plan that takes you to your marketing goals by scheduling)
  • Define and create a content chart (requires knowledge of the market and understanding your current position in the market)
  • Content production (this section is done according to the importance and scope of Farda group specialized)
  • Uploading according to the schedule (continuity is one of the key points of success)
  • Algorithm recognition (new Instagram rules and ways to enter Explorer)
  • Analysis (the most important part of determining the business process)

What happens if you leave your Instagram marketing to Farda marketing group?

  • analyze

    The first thing we do for you to work on Instagram is to review your business online and offline

    The purpose of your activity is clear and to achieve this goal, we will plan and define a content chart

  • Content production

    Farda Studio

    Is at your service with complete and sufficient equipment to produce the highest quality social network output

    Types of photography, filming, editing and production of teasers suitable for any network in a specialized way it is available

    Transmitting a concept and idea requires tools, Farda studio will be by your side

  • Control the situation

    The first specialized social network management application called Farda allows you to access the most accurate business reports online at any time of the day or night.

    In this application, you have access to all the meetings and everything is under your control and supervision

    The results of the consultations can also be provided to you in writing style in this application

  • Run advertising campaigns

    Choosing a media rental (advertising) all requires expertise and marketing

    Investing in advertising without the right choice and understanding of the market will not work for you and your business

    The smallest step in this direction should be accompanied by planning and analysis after the implementation of advertising campaigns